Thursday, July 12, 2018

Special Education State Procedures - July 1, 2018 Release Notes & Updates

A July 1, 2018 released version of the Iowa Special Education Procedures was made available recently.  You can access all of the revised materials here.

The release notes highlight points of emphasis, regarding changes and clarifications.  Reviewing the release notes, and noting the yellow highlighted sections is a good way to become informed regarding changes and clarifications to the procedures. The manual revision (lengthy - over 600 pages) is also available, and you are encouraged to download the pdf of the latest procedures to your computer, deleting old copies to avoid confusion.

Two screencasts have been produced that review key changes that are highlighted in the release notes.  The format is simply an informal talk-aloud discussion/summary of some of the topics.  If this format meets your learning style, please access links to the videos below:

Screencast #1: Revisions to Iowa Child Find Chapter (in light of AW Case considerations) - 37 minutes

  • Reorganized/new section regarding "general education context"
  • Revisions in Child Find chapter with reduced references to "significant discrepancy" and removal of "magnitude of discrepancy" sections that incorrectly implied the need for a severe discrepancy for eligibility (per AW case)
  • Changes in EER prompts
  • Emphasis that eligible individuals with IEPs must be students who require Specially Designed Instruction (SDI)
  • Guidance on students with disabilities who may not require special education services

Screencast #2: Additional Topics & Updates - 38 minutes

  • Language revisions in behavior sections of procedures
  • Clarifications on process for FBA/BIP 
  • Documentation of outside reports in the EER and/or IEP
  • Clarification of final exit codes for students who drop out vs. those who cease attending special education services
  • Revise Page R (Reevaluation IEP) and associated directions/process
  • Retirement of HT (Hearing Technology) and VT (Vision Technology) codes and appropriate use of SA (Supplemental Assistance) codes

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